Our Value Statement

WEI is unmatched in its ability to design and implement holistic, sustainable solutions that fuse the needs of clients, the environment, and surrounding communities. The forward-thinking scientists and environmental engineers at WEI identify problems precisely, and solve them through a methodical process that weighs political, legal, and technical considerations while building consensus for ideas and solutions. The cornerstone of the firm’s relationships with employees, clients, regulatory agencies, and business partners is its pledge to perform every service, every engagement, and every project with integrity. In essence, WEI serves as extended staff to its clients, which is reflected in the firm’s commitment to excellence, professionalism, and responsibility.

Company History

After leading water-resource groups of two large consulting companies, Mark Wildermuth discovered that his 14 years of water-engineering experience were highly coveted by agencies and companies in need of strategic guidance for water resource problems. He spent the first half of his career working for large companies—where their bottom line was more important than client needs, and often more important than developing long-term relationships and sustainable solutions. It was during this time that he developed a unique outlook and distinct method for how water resources consulting should be approached.

In 1990, Mark broke out on his own and founded WEI. Since that time many like-minded engineers and scientists with similar values have joined WEI. Today, WEI has a staff of 20 employees and continues to grow. Since the launch, the company has adhered to a singular vision: to participate in significant and positive ways to the solution of important environmental problems.


Integrity, above all else, is the foundation of our business. It drives our dealings with all parties, including our fellow employees, clients, shareholders, business partners, suppliers and our communities. We will act in a fair and ethical manner so that we maintain lasting relationships. The bottom line – when we make a commitment we fulfill it.
Excellence should be reflected in everything we do. Our efforts should reflect our commitment to excellence and demonstrate our professionalism and pride in our work and in our firm.
Responsibility for environment, our community and our firm is our guiding principle. Sound environmental practices and participation in community and charitable activities will demonstrate our responsible corporate citizenship. We will manage our time and resources for the full benefit of our clients, employees, and shareholders. As colleagues will hold each other accountable, celebrating accomplishments and providing frank feedback when performance is lacking.
People and relationships are our most important assets. Respect, honesty and fairness are the cornerstones of our relationships with our employees, clients, and business partners. Our relationships will be built with a genuine bond of trust, consideration and appreciation.


      There is a balance between the conservation of natural resources, environmental restoration and sustainable development. Balance is achieved through rigorous scientific inquiry, thoughtful engineering and enlightened political processes. Our role is to provide scientific and engineering information and policy leadership to support environmental decision processes. We will practice environmental stewardship in our professional and personal lives.