Project Description

The Chino Desalter Authority (CDA) jointly exercises powers to own, operate and maintain water desalting facilities in the lower part of the Chino Basin. Members of the CDA include the City of Ontario, Jurupa Community Services District, Santa Ana River Water Company, and the Cities of Chino, Chino Hills and Norco. Annual water deliveries of 5,000 acre-feet to supplement existing groundwater and imported water, will be available to each member.

WEI, was retained by CDA through the Chino Basin Watermaster to perform a groundwater investigation for the addition of the West Desalter Well Field, which is currently in progress, and to design a high-resolution groundwater model to determine the desalter well placement, pumping rate, and treatment requirements. Through the addition of this well field, the CDA will gain 6 mgd, support the Chino Basin Watermaster Hydraulic Control initiative, and fully contain and treat a chlorinated solvent groundwater plume.

The purpose of this project is to develop a comprehensive groundwater flow and transport model, assess the groundwater quality within a 10-year event horizon, and estimate the impacts of adding the West Desalter Well Field at 6 mgd, on groundwater levels and production in the area of the well field.

  • Chino Desalter Authority
  • Chino Basin Watermaster