Project Description

The San Timoteo Watershed Management Authority (STWMA) was formed by the Beaumont Cherry Valley Water District (BCVWD), the City of Beaumont (Beaumont), the South Mesa Water Company, and the Yucaipa Valley Water District (YVWD) in January 2001. The STWMA was formed to prepare and implement a water resources management program for the San Timoteo Watershed. The water resources management program includes watershed and basin monitoring, safe yield protection and enhancement, groundwater storage management, stormwater management, recycled water use, and water quality protection and enhancement.

The San Timoteo Watershed Management Program (STWMP) was completed in March 2002 and was documented in the San Timoteo Watershed Management Program, Phase 1 Report by WEI. The Phase 1 Report and the process used to develop it were in the nature of a scoping report for purposes of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The Phase 1 report was updated and re-titled the Integrated Regional Water Management Program for the San Timoteo Watershed (IRWMP) in June 2005.

The IRWMP is being developed and implemented for the long-term benefit of the STWMA area stakeholders and consists of two phases. Phase 1 included describing the areaƕs water resources, establishing goals concerning the needs and issues identified to protect and enhance these resources, and affirming a management plan to accomplish these goals. Phase 2 of the IRWMP resulted in the implementation plan and the construction and operation of the facilities necessary to meet the IRWMP goals.

  • Beaumont Cherry Valley Water District
  • City of Beaumont
  • South Mesa Water Company
  • Yucaipa Valley Water District