• When it comes to groundwater work, you won’t find anyone better. Wildermuth Environmental is a first-class firm with the best scientists and findings that stand up to intense scrutiny.
    J. Andrew Schlange, former General Manager
    San Timoteo Watershed Management Authority
  • Wildermuth Environmental exhibits the highest ethical and professional standards. We developed an ASCE award- winning Recharge Program based on their recharge master plan, and their cost-effective monitoring programs meet strict regulations.
    Richard Atwater, former CEO/General Manager, Inland Empire Utilities Agency
    current Executive Director, Southern California Water Committee
  • Wildermuth Environmental has assisted the City of San Bernardino with several of its groundwater modeling efforts, including modeling water quality impacts from its tertiary wastewater plant. The City of San Bernardino was extremely satisfied with the work done by Wildermuth Environmental and would use them in the future with great confidence.
    Stacey R. Aldstadt, General Manager
    City of San Bernardino Municipal Water Department
  • Wildermuth Environmental is a leader in advanced groundwater-basin management. They perform technically sound work, and communicate their results and interpretations clearly and with excellent data graphics.
    Peter Kavounas, General Manager
    Chino Basin Watermaster
  • Wildermuth Environmental has performed very high-quality work for the Six Basins Watermaster since assuming all technical and administrative responsibilities in 2010. They came to the Six Basins as an independent third party, and with sound science and clear presentations, they have improved collaboration between the Watermaster parties. Currently, through a stakeholder process, they are developing a strategic plan to enhance the water supplies available to the Six Basins and improve water quality.
    Brian Bowcock, Director,
    Three Valleys Municipal Water District
  • The Santa Ana River Watershed has the best and most comprehensive salinity management plan in California, due in no small part to the work of Wildermuth Environmental, Inc.
    Andrew Chang, PhD, Professor Emeritus
    University of California, Riverside
  • Wildermuth Environmental produces high-quality work with the utmost integrity. We always get the facts – not what they think we want to hear – enabling us to make sound decisions.
    Bernard Kersey, former General Manager (retired)
    City of San Bernardino Municipal Water Department
  • The Task Force process used in the Santa Ana region was initiated in the mid-1990s and Wildermuth Environmental played a vital role in developing technical methodologies that were based on peer-reviewed science. The resulting Basin Plan amendment was approved by the State Board, the Office of Administrative Law, and the US EPA without opposition.
    Gerard Thibeault, Executive Officer (retired)
    Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board
  • Wildermuth Environmental, Inc. has been instrumental in assisting our task forces to solve complex salt and nutrient management issues in the Santa Ana Watershed since the mid-1990s. Their staff is passionate about the quality of their work product and exhibits the highest technical integrity.
    Mark Norton, Water Resources & Planning Manager
    Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority
  • Wildermuth Environmental has developed a superior software product called HydroDaVE. My staff at the Chino Basin Watermaster uses HydroDaVE on a daily basis and it is not only an effective tool for analyzing water resources data, but it saves us considerable money by increasing staff efficiency. HydroDaVE is the tool that we will use to assist us in complying with the CASGEM program for both Chino and Cucamonga Basins.
    Kenneth R. Manning, former CEO, Chino Basin Watermaster
    currently Executive Director, San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority
  • Wildermuth Environmental has provided superior services to Irvine Ranch Water District in the development of our Water Banking Project in Kern County. They performed outstanding services of groundwater modeling to support the design and construction of the Strand Ranch Water Bank extraction and monitoring facilities. Their professionalism and ability to deal with complex issues in a cost effective and timely manner is exemplary.
    Paul Weghorst, Director of Water Resources
    Irvine Ranch Water District

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